FAW Jiefang Releases New Brand Strategy and Launches J7 Truck

FAW Jiefang Truck Co., Ltd. (FAW Jiefang), a subsidiary of FAW Group, released new Brand Development Strategy and launched its seventh generation of heavy-duty truck – Jiefang J7, in Shanghai.

Jiefang, as China’s oldest and most famous commercial truck brand, can be traced back to 62 years ago when China’s first truck – Jiefang CA10 - rolled off assembly line in Changchun. The development of FAW Jiefang symbolizes the course of China’s automotive industry from scratch to the present stage.

At the new historical starting point, FAW Jiefang issued new development vision – the Most Pride Commercial Truck Manufacturer and the Most Reliable Commercial Truck Brnad, and new corporate mission – building FAW Jiefang into a “top in China and world-class” intelligent transport solutions provider, creating profits for consumers, happiness for employees, and value for the society. FAW Jiefang also released its new brand values, namely reliability, intelligence and value creation, and committed to uphold and put into practice these new brand values through consistently enhancing its corporate reputation, technology, product quality, services, public welfare and ecological contribution.

FAW Jiefang also launched its seventh generation of heavy-duty truck, Jiefang J7, at the ceremony.

With seven years’ research and development, Jiefang J7 is considered a new milestone in China’s heavy-duty truck industry. Having made a number of technological breakthroughs, Jiefang J7 will be a highly competitive product in the global truck market with its outstanding performance in intelligence, comfort, fuel efficiency, safety, reliability and efficiency.

Equipped with a 1,000-liter oil tank and a 550-horsepower engine, Jiefang J7 is able to churns out a maximum torque of 2,600 N.m., surpassed similar models with the same replacement at home and abroad. Jiefang J7 also provide consumer a better driving experience by introducing self-developed Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), and digital control system, electronic control fuel-saving system and interconnection system based on the VCU, to fully meet the modern intelligent logistic requirements in the new era. In terms of comfort, Jiefang J7’s flat-floor and high-roof cockpit design, spacious interior and storage spaces, the widest sleeping berth (810mm), and a better Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) performance, offers a more comfortable working environment for drivers. With domestic leading fuel efficiency, Jiefang J7 has significantly improved its active and passive safety standards. In addition, the new model reaches 1.5 million kilometers B10 life expectancy and only requires maintenance after driving for every 100,000 kilometers.

At the ceremony, FAW Jiefang also released its User Experience Upgrading Plan, namely UNI-Q Intelligent Vehicle Selection System, and UNI-S System, providing more customized vehicle products and personalized driving experience for consumers.

FAW is a leading global manufacturer of quality passenger cars, trucks, and buses. Established in 1953, the company is China’s oldest and largest automotive group. Annual sales exceed three million units.