191,000 vehicles! FAW achieves a good start for the first season!

April 15, 2021

191,000 vehicles! FAW achieves a good start for the first season!
FAW Jiefang's production and sales bulletin in March 2021 was officially announced. According to data, the company sold 191,000 vehicles in the first quarter, an increase of 76.8% year-on-year. Among them, heavy trucks performed well, with sales of 167,000 vehicles, an increase of 85% year-on-year. Thanks to the rapid growth of sales, the company's goal in the first quarter was exceeded, achieving a good start in 2021!
       Looking back on the past three months, it is not easy to get a good start.
       Facing sharply intensified market competition
   The marketing front has scientific insight into the market, and formulated precision marketing strategies such as pre-purchase in the Spring Festival, N+24 buffer loans, and car-lifting packages in response to the difficulties of the client's slow pick-up of cars due to the dual impact of the Spring Festival and the epidemic. With terminal transformation as the premise, precise resource operation and control, to ensure maximum terminal delivery, and based on product launch strategy, we will quickly complete the new product overlap, and finally successfully complete the good start. The R&D front accurately understands the needs, highlights the new battles for the four major products of "1231", focuses on breaking through 80 key core technologies such as new energy and intelligent network connection, and continues to create new product competitive advantages. The quality assurance front focuses on the market and the scene, continues to carry out the overall quality improvement battle, accurately establishes the project, deepens the four major projects, and carries out the whole process quality control to ensure that the quality of vehicle delivery during the main period is improved.